Gary's Testimony

Gary's Testimony

Before starting a program with a personal trainer, I worked on my fitness doing walking, and used some weight machines.  


During my busy career, my primary issue that held me back was time, which caused me to be inconsistent. I struggled making fitness a priority.


In the back of my mind I knew I needed to do better on my fitness.  I watched my dad struggle with severe shoulder arthritis, weakness, and these issues caused a lot of pain to him.  I didn’t want to go through that.


Knowing what happened to my dad helped me make a decision to get serious about my fitness.  Interestingly enough, my shoulder started to have similar symptoms that my father struggled with, and that’s when I decided to seek out a trainer to discuss a plan of action to start getting stronger. 

I had to make a decision: Either do nothing and suffer with similar pain that my dad had, or start working hard on my longevity and quality of life.


I was done having the excuse of, “no time,” and I didn’t want to be inconsistent anymore.  


Even though I pursued a trainer, in the back of my mind I was wondering if I had enough self-discipline to make this a lifestyle knowing my past experiences.


But the trainers recommended the right program for me to be successful, and off I went to starting the fitness journey.


In 12 months I’ve been more disciplined than ever working on my strength, stamina, conditioning, flexibility, and all around approach to fitness, which I didn’t do before.


Since training I’ve gained a greater sense of pride about my health, I feel good, I’m more positive, optimistic, and confident about my future fitness.


Working with Main Street Fitness personal training has been a great fit, a supportive community, and I’ve enjoyed the progressive improvement that doesn’t hurt me, verses hurting myself when alone working out.


I recommend if you’re struggling be consistent, go to Main Street Fitness, and hire a trainer that understands personalized fitness that will meet you where you are with your goals, and understands what it takes to get to a lifestyle of fitness.  


- Gary Stoner


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