Hospitalized by pneumonia, on oxygen for 3 months, but hired a trainer and got her health back.

Hospitalized by pneumonia, on oxygen for 3 months, but hired a trainer and got her health back.

Before personal training, I had always made a point to have fitness a part of my life.  Originally, I never even thought of personal training since I “thought” I felt fine.


My exercise generally consisted of walking, and circuit training with machines.  But at one point I remember feeling like I stopped getting stronger, compared to others that were using trainers.


My loss of strength really became apparent when I was lifting my grand child into the crib, and it was hard!  That was my Ah-Ha moment to get started with a trainer.  While still in Seattle, I started my training program with a trainer, because I wanted to enjoy my grand children, and have a better quality life.  


Right away I noticed a big difference working with a trainer who guided me through a fitness program.  I got stronger, improved stamina, and I enjoyed fitness more. 


But it hasn’t always been an easy journey.  In the winter of 17’, after moving to Bozeman, I came down with a really bad case of pneumonia that hospitalized me for a few days.  I had to have oxygen for 3 months after I was released, and going upstairs was a big challenge for me, which would cause me to cough really hard.


As I was recovering, I decided to find a trainer again, because it had helped me so much before. My goal was to find a small, personalized gym that wasn’t crowded, and I found Main Street Fitness!  


Training at Main Street Fitness has been a great experience for me.  Since starting my training program, I’ve increased my lung capacity, got stronger again, and I love the community support I get from a team of trainers.


I’ve regained my confidence about fitness, and now I know I can do this, and not let the circumstance dictate the way of life.


Every week I enjoy my sustainable fitness program that helps me make fitness a lifestyle, and I have a peace of mind having trainers keep me safe.  


A couple takeaways from having pneumonia, is that when you stop, it goes fast.  Get back to it as fast as you can.


If you’re struggling to reach a lifestyle of fitness, reach out to Main Street Fitness, get a personal trainer, let them design a personalized program, and enjoy the journey to getting to your goals faster.


Maggie Hillard

Main Street Fitness Client Since 2017




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