Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming Barriers

What’s holding you back from obtaining your fitness goals?


Recently, I was at a business conference for personal training, and one of the keynotes really impacted me.


The title of the message was, “leading ourselves so we can lead others.”  The idea behind leading ourselves is to pursue daily personal growth in order to create passion, develop the mindset, create a clearer vision, and gain the knowledge needed to equip individuals with tools for them to grow.


But in order to lead ourselves we need to recognize our weaknesses, which I'm good at avoiding.


So the first step:  figure out the weakness. 


If not dealt with, we get frustrated, depressed, and eventually lose sight of the vision. NOT conquering the weaknesses is normally the choice to not step out of our comfort zones.


So, I began to dig into what was holding me back, and at first I didn’t think anything was holding me back, but as I kept asking questions, I soon realized I hadn’t completed some my old projects, then I had to ask myself the question……why hadn’t I completed the projects?


Fear of Judgment


I realized I wasn’t getting my projects done because I was stuck trying to make my projects perfect, and feared what others would think.


It’s like a person not wanting a trainer because they think they need to lose weight or get in shape first.  


After I found my weakness I needed a plan of action to attack my barrier.


My Remedy:  Imperfect action:  Take actionable steps, be consistent daily, and strive to improve daily.  And it worked.  I started pumping out projects faster than ever before.


Mental Breakthrough!


Now I have to ask you.  What’s holding you back from achieving your fitness goals?  Do you have a mental barrier that’s holding you back from achieving a better life?  


Let me know what you’re struggling with, I would love to help you, so you can start making a plan of action for your success.


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Have a great day!

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