Main Street Fitness News

Main Street Fitness News

This week at Main Street Fitness in Bozeman, we’ve launched the beginning of our new class series of 30-minute workouts.  


Busy?  No Time?  No problem!


30 Minute Boot Camp is the solution if you’re struggling to get a workout in during the week.  


Get stronger, lose weight, get more energy, and be more productive.


Time:  12pm

Days:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Starting:  November 13th

50% off for launch special

Limited to only 10 people


Click Here for more information:  30 Minute Boot Camp


Tip:  The winter months are coming quickly, but beware  the metabolism doesn't slow down.  Our natural habit is to gain weight during winter months to stay warmer.  So make a nutrition plan, exercise, and keep the unwanted winter pounds a way.


Don’t have a complete fitness solution?  Click Here to schedule a consultation to discuss how a personalized fitness plan will make you stronger, lose weight, and feel great every day.


Stay committed |  Stay Positive |  Get Results





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