Success Principle #1

Success Principle #1

Success Principle #1:  Commitment

One of the toughest things for an individual starting a fitness program is to get past the 90 day mark.  That's generally when the excitement (motivation) starts to wear off, and it becomes just a workout.  

Even if a person has seen great results in the 90 days, they'll still start making excuses around this time, and all of a sudden fitness becomes more difficult to continue.

Knowing this is the first step, but then the proper plan of action to get you on the other side of 90 day mark, where fitness becomes fun, and a lifestyle.

So don't focus on being motivated because that's an emotion that can run out.  Instead, make a commitment when you go each week, and just keep going, and this will get you past the tough times!

Stay committed |  Stay Positive |  Get Results

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