Are you a finisher?

Are you a finisher?

I remember the days when personal training was frustrating when I came across a client that struggled to keep going.  It didn’t even matter if the plan of action was a straightforward plan: proven to achieve jaw-dropping results through creative, rigorous workouts and good nutrition.  At the end of the day, some of their clients received amazing results, and others wouldn’t finish what they started out to accomplish.  


So what’s the difference between clients that achieves their goal vs. a client that keeps failing at their goal?




Our secret:  Discover what the individual’s mindset is, then properly design a program to prevent a client from failing.


In order to do this we start with a thorough consultation to discover past failures, emotional triggers, and challenges clients deal with.  This info is used to properly design a fitness program customized to make them successful.


We’ve worked with clients who’ve tried 10-15 different fitness and nutritional plans before joining our customized programs. These clients arrive – frustrated, disappointed, and tired of beating themselves up for not getting the results they want.


The good news: We’re excited when we meet these clients because we know we have a solution for them that works.


As we begin consulting clients, we make sure we point out common pitfalls, and how to overcome them.  Here is an example of the most common pitfall:


The Tipping Point


Most people fail at the 90-day mark (the tipping point) of their programs. Many studies have suggested that it takes 21-days to build a new habit. Generally, this is true. But for a client, the first 21 days of a personal training program aren’t very difficult because they’re often excited for a variety of reasons.


New clients are:

1) Doing something new,

2) Hiring a coach,

3) Investing in themselves,

4) Seeing results,

5) Feeling better

6) Sleeping better,

6) Progressing towards a goal


So why do these clients stop at the 90-day mark? The tipping point occurs as clients adjust their identities to include fitness, as a part of daily life. If you’re stuck at the tipping point, you may notice that:

a) The deception begins in the second or third months.

b) Head trash says that you can’t do it.

c) You make excuses. There’s not enough time.

d) The work is too hard, and you don’t like it.

e) Fitness becomes another inconvenience.


But then you have to keep saying: I am a finisher!


That’s why it’s so important to diagnose past fitness pursuits in order to prepare for the “tipping point,” accordingly with program design.


We don’t want clients to continue to be a victim of their own reality of quitting. Often, these clients continue to start new things – only to quit, soon after, and they keep walking away not understanding the reasons for failure.


But once the client understands the tipping point, it becomes a realization that they probably just had a habit of quitting.  


A good example is also when businesses fail.  Businesses fail when they can’t take the pain, the worry, the stress, and the failures. Businesses fail when they don’t push through the pain to make it to profitability.


That’s why we’ve created a gym with a dedicated team of trainers that encourage, motivate, inspire because:


No doubt change is hard. Change is uncomfortable, but on the bright side is when you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing! Don’t let the 90-day tipping point stop you. Bust through, and never look back. Remember. It’s more than a workout. Fitness can change your life.


Are you struggling not overcoming the tipping point?


Get started today. Click Here for a consultation. We will create a plan of action that will ensure your success, and we’ll teach you how to bust out of the 90-day tipping point.

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