[Video] 20 Minute Total Body Fat Blaster

Have only a little time to fit in a workout?  Try this 20 minute.  You'll be so glad you did.

20 Minute total body fat blaster

(2x)Warm Up 
2 mins walk/jog
20 secs walking quad pull
16 lateral lunges
4 inch worms
8 squats
8 sit Ups

Dumbbell Workout 

**suggested for guys 35lbs
** suggested for girls 15lbs
** adjust accordingly 

3 rounds (beginner) 5 rounds (difficult)  
** hold dumbbells for entire round if possible

8 DB Plank Rows (ea arm)
8 DB Burpees
8 DB Squats
8 DB Shoulder Press
rest 45 secs

finish w/
5 min cool down

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