[Free Workout] No Gym. No Problem.

It can be hard to keep the fitness going while traveling.  Here is free workout to give you some ideas what to do if you have no gym.

Watch the video to reference the movements described in the workout below.


Keep moving.  No Excuses.

[Free Workout]
Perfect workout if you're traveling, and don't have a gym. Watch Nils demonstrate all the movements in video for your safety.

(2x)Warm Up 
20 high knees
20 butt kickers
4 inch worms
8 squats
16 Lateral lunges

3 rounds (beginner) or 15 Minutes (get as many rounds as possible)
10 Drop Squats
5 Runners Lunge Per Leg
12 Yoga Push Ups
8 Tricep Dips

Rest 2 minutes

Time for abs
2 rounds (beginner) or 5 rounds (advanced)
6 Alternating Plank Y Raises
12 Plank Oblique Crunches
10 Hollow Rock Crunches

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