Is Bootcamp safe?

Is Bootcamp safe?

In the last decade fitness Bootcamps have flourished, Crossfit is here to stay, and most gyms in the country now offer large group training classes.

But is it safe? 

First of all, fitness programs are safe when done correctly.  It merely depends on the personality of the exerciser, the class atmosphere, or the instructor's knowledge and experience. 

Here are a few things to watch out for before joining a large group training class.

1.      Participant’s not properly prepared.  Here at Main Street Fitness, we screen individuals to make sure they’re physically and mentally ready for large group training, ensuring safety before starting a program. 

Why?   Studies show that large group training is proven to increase intensity.  If a coach must take the time to teach, and focus solely on a new person's safety, then the rest of the class can’t receive quick adjustments for their safety.

A fitness screen should address proper lifting form, modifications to movements, and test current fitness levels to reveal strengths & weaknesses to determine the proper exercise recommendation. 

2.     Depends on personality.  Ultra competitive people can get hurt if they’re trying to lift the heaviest, run the fastest, or simply want to be the most “fit” despite the reality of  over-training.  In other words, large group training might not be the best program based on certain personality traits.

3.     Inexperienced trainers.  It’s easy to blame the fitness brands for injury, but usually participants are responsible for hurting themselves, or a coach puts a client in a risky situation to get hurt. 

Fitness is competitive, and it’s hard to tell a coach your shoulder, for instance, is NOT handling a high volume workout, but yet the coach is yelling 10 MORE REPS!  Who wants to bare any shame for quitting, or letting down their coach?

Experienced coaches will ask the right questions, be able to observe when enough is enough, and be in tune for the individual’s appropriate load/volume.

Before starting a large group training class.  Make sure the fitness facility takes the time to learn about your health history, fitness history, current fitness levels, and takes you through a movement assessment to reveal weaknesses that need addressed.

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