2017 Fitness Check Up

2017 Fitness Check Up

How's the fitness going so far this year?

Do you fall into one of these fitness categories?

1) Did not set any fitness/health goals.  Not having fitness/health goals is the act of preparing to get sick, weak, and tired!  So let’s get moving.

2) Set a health goal, but already quit.  This happens every year.  People get motivated to change, set up a membership at a gym, and quickly stop going!  

            Some reasons why people quit:

  1. Intimidated – don’t know what to do
  2. Pain – don’t know how to properly ease into a program
  3. Sick – Poor nutritional timing creates nausea/throwing up
  4. Bored – The process ended up not being exciting.


3) Fitness enthusiast - A goal is set, and very determined to obtain a lifestyle of fitness.

                        a) Self doer – figured out how to do it alone, and love the results.

                        b) Work with a trainer – great option if you’re not a “gym person.”  You can plan on being safe, having accountability, you’re more invested, and it’s fun! 

Our goal at Main Street Fitness is to make everyone a fitness enthusiast.  The value fitness provides is no match compared to any pill on the market.  Fitness is the best value for being preventative, staying functional, maintaining your ideal body, increasing energy, and feeling great all the time.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of fitness?

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