New Year's Fitness Success Strategies

New Year's Fitness Success Strategies

First of all -  Happy New Year!

I hope you've taken the time during the Holidays to recharge, and prepare for a successful 2017.  

Here at Main Street Fitness the staff and I have been meeting and discussing how we can impact more lives than ever in our community.  We'll be launching new programs, monthly activities, and celebrating clients achievements.  Looking forward to a great year!  

Fitness Strategies to start the New Year

1.  Commit to successful habits

  • Blocking out 30-60 minutes for the gym 3x-5x a week
  • Commit to eating healthy - get rid of the junk in the house
  • Eat and Drink less sugar
  • Don't know what your doing?  Hire a coach

2.  Read

  • Read 10 pages a day from a health related book (some examples for you)
    • Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley
    • Never Let Go by Dan John
    • How To Eat Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek

3.  Don't make excuses

  • Either you want a better lifestyle or you don't


Need a support system to guide you?  At Main Street Fitness you'll find a team of trainers that will ease you into a fitness program comfortably, safely, and professionally.

Click HERE to set up a consultation now!  

Aaron Cook

Main Street Fitness


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