Cross Training Workout 8-21

August 21, 2015

Cross Training Workout 8/21/15

Warm up: 2x
4 inch worms
10 squat holds
Quad stretch
Hamstring stretch
8 squat holds


30 minute time cap:

2 rounds
2 pull ups ( lat pull down light with palms facing you)
2 plate pushes

Rest 1 min

4 rounds
4 push ups (Angled using bar)
4 OH weighted lunges
4 weighted sit ups

Rest 1 min

6 rounds
6 knees to elbows
6 DB shoulder press (bicep curl of arm hurt)
6 knees to shoulders in plank (6 per side)

Rest 1 min

8 rounds
8 box jumps
8 squats

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