How to stay fit when life happens

March 28, 2016

How to stay fit when life happens 3/28/16

Starting out as personal trainer with a few clients, not married, no kids, no responsibilities, it was easy to find time to do all my workouts.  During the slow time I focused on 2 things:

 1) Doing my workouts

 2) Finding more people that I could teach how to live life at a greater capacity. 


But life happens…..


A few years later after starting a personal training business, I had grown to working full time, being married, and having a child with spina bifida.  Life was teaching me how to manage time for the first time ever.


Sadly, to make more time, the first item I cut in my life was my workouts on a regular basis.  If I didn’t plan a workout, it was pretty easy for something else to take that time.


It didn’t take long after slacking on my workouts that I noticed I was starting to lack energy, felt my strength disappearing, and depressed for not doing my regular workouts.  Ultimately I noticed I was being more inefficient at my job.


What helped me get back on track?  Tony Horton was asked what helped him be so successful, and he replied – “do what you preach, eat what you tell people to eat, and do your training.”


I didn’t want to hear it, but it was the perfect thing for a trainer to hear.  I realized I wasn’t being a product of my product. 


I also learned time wasn’t the problem.


I had a priority issue.  Sure my family is important, but I knew if I wasn’t taking care of me, I wasn’t able to help my family in the long run.   I lacked energy, was always tired when I was home, became depressed, and inefficient with my job.  Lesson learned! 


Now how do you get started again?


I used the strategy I use for my clients to get amazing results - semi-private training.  It’s proven that results are better with the accountability of other people.


Fast Forward - I now workout with a group of people, and I’ve been successful doing my workouts for some time now. My group will give me a hard time if I miss a workout. The accountability has helped me be a product of my own product.


So you might have a similar situation of how you were knocked out of fitness.  If you need help I can help you, because I’ve been there.  Time isn’t the issue.  It’s a priority issue.  I can show you the same strategies I used to be successful to regain control of my health.

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