Lifestyle Fitness Model

July 14, 2016

The lifestyle fitness model:

Lifestyle fitness is a sustainable fitness format that complements your lifestyle for a lifetime.  The  plan will promote lean muscle mass, low body fat, flexibility, a balanced eating plan, and best of all - empower you to live life at a full capacity. 


The key word is sustainable.


How do you know you’re in a proper lifestyle fitness plan? 

·      Your body won’t be aching all the time

·      Good energy

·      Sleeping well

·      Not bored with your workout plan

·      Eating a balanced diet

·      Staying flexible

·      Indulge in moderation

·      Aware of your habits, but understand how to strategically not fail

·      Committed


Be willing to adapt your fitness program when life changes.


My fitness routine looks much different today than it did ten years ago.  Now being married, having two kids, and more responsibilities at work I have less time.  Ten years ago I focused on peak performance, but now I rather maintain, and strive for being efficient in both exercise and nutrition.  This allows me to create more time for my other priorities.  I won’t be in peak fitness, but I’m not losing the benefits by quitting. 


We interview our clients to learn why they stopped fitness.  Here are a few examples we’ve encountered as trainers.

·      Having a family

·      Working more

·      Moving

·      Converting from a competitive athlete to a lifestyle fitness plan

·      More financial obligations

·      Less energy from being extra busy

·      No motivation

·      Don’t like exercise


Life will bring challenges that will make you decide how big of a priority fitness is in your life.  My advice – don’t quit.  It’s not worth it. 


Maybe I’m biased because I’m a trainer, but fitness is one of the best investments you’ll ever make during your lifetime



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