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  • The only thing stopping you from reaching your goal

    The only thing stopping you from reaching your goal

    When you aren’t where you want to be in any area of life whether it’s your body and healthy, your relationships, or even you financial/work life, it’s for one reason… Your VALUES are misaligned with your ACTIONS.
    Let’s say you want to lose weight. Weight loss becomes your value. But you keep hitting the drive thru before work when you’re rushed. You keep saying “on Monday” you’ll get your workouts going. You got that Frappuccino “just one more time” for your afternoon pick-me-up. Those are all simply examples of your actions…that are clearly misaligned with the value of ....

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  • Your biggest obstacle

    Your biggest obstacle

    When we look at commitment to our health and fitness, it’s easy to see a lot of obstacles: time, energy, money, family obligations, commuting, etc. We could come up with a million of them. But I’m getting real with you today… Your biggest obstacle is never what you think it is.Your greatest challenge will always be your own mindset.
    There’s a quote by Kenneth Blanchard that I love: “There’s a difference between interest and commitment.When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient.When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” There’s nothing but ....

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  • Losing weight vs. getting healthy

    Losing weight vs. getting healthy

    While at first glance these things might seem synonymous, but I want to break it down for you why they aren’t. You see – you can lose weight and get healthy or you can lose weight and become very unhealthy. Let’s look at some examples. If you lose weight through eating awesome healthy foods, doing your strength and cardio training, working on better sleep and hydration, and doing activities that make you happy and reduce stress, that’s awesome! Not only do the numbers on the scale go down, but you’re likely setting yourself up to live a longer and more vibrant life! Win! Conversely, if weight is lost through unhealthy measures like extreme ....

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  • How not to binge eat

    How not to binge eat

    We’ve all been there. The pizza arrived and we said “just two slices” but then ate four. We promised ourselves no dessert, but suddenly we ate a super-sized portion. Overeating is incredibly common – more common than not I’d venture to say. But there are obvious consequences in doing that. Extra weight, fatigue, disease, and low confidence to name a few. So, today I want to share 4 things you can do to combat binge eating:

    Give yourself a 20 minute buffer
    – when you’re having a craving or want second helpings, give yourself 20 minutes before you act on it. There’s a very good chance you’ll no longer want ....

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  • How to stay fit when you just don’t have time

    How to stay fit when you just don’t have time

    Over my years working in fitness and nutrition I’ve worked with A LOT of clients. I’ve had to really navigate what holds them back. I’ve talked to hundreds of people about their struggles with weight. I know about the fear of failing again, the fear of starting over, and the fear of falling off the wagon. I know about the cravings and lack of knowledge of how/what to eat to get a lean body that’s actually sustainable. I’ve watched them spend endless hours on treadmills, working with trainers, and exercising with little to no return on their time and energy investment. And I’ve seen them ....

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  • The motivator and the trigger

    The motivator and the trigger

    Anytime someone comes to work with me for personal trainingthere are two things I am listening for. The motivator and the trigger.
    The motivator is their deep WHY. It’s the thing that is driving them to make changes to their health. Often, it’s something like a new grandchild, fear of getting a lifestyle-related disease, or simply wanting to be more confident and happy in their skin. There’s no right or wrong why, but the why must be powerful enough to keep you going in the moments you don’t want to eat well or get up and exercises. The trigger is different. The trigger often leads to the motivator. Triggers tend to be specific events that spur ....

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  • #1 factor for long-term fitness success?

    #1 factor for long-term fitness success?

    There could be many topics around this subject that we could debate, but I’m going to share with you what I think it the #1 thing that separates those who succeed in fitness, fat loss, and health long term (the 5%) and those who don’t (the 95%). And it’s so simple you might be shocked… It’s simply the mindset of doing it anyway .
    Look…Are natural tendency as humans is to subconsciously avoid discomfort and change. But in the modern day where you’re no longer hunting and gathering food or being chased by wild animals on the regular, you’ve just got to make choices that go against that biology. The truth is that many ....

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  • Vulnerability is the path to transformation

    Vulnerability is the path to transformation

    If I had a dollar for every time a prospective client cried during our initial conversation, I’d have a lot of money. These amazing humans who sit down in front of me have often spent years or even decades holding in their pain. Whether it’s their lack of self-confidence, their unhappiness with life situations, or sometimes even the fact that they’ve lost their identities somewhere along the way, I’ve talked with many deeply unhappy people. And it’s almost like they’ve held it all in for so long that the moment I start asking questions about their goals, dreams, and past experiences, their emotions just explode. Sadly, so many people walk ....

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  •  Don’t let this stop you

    Don’t let this stop you

    Stress is an unavoidable part of life that we all have to deal with – usually on a daily basis. Yet so often people use stress and busyness as an excuse to eat poorly and not exercise. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve spoken to people who say something like “I REALLY need your help, but things are just crazy right now. Can I start in 4 months?” Whoa. That’s 4 months of making yourself less healthy and delaying your own happiness and confidence. And for what? Because legitimately, that’s just a silly excuse that translates to “It’s not a priority right now.” No matter how busy or stressed people get, ....

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  •  On boundaries

    On boundaries

    One of the biggest struggles my clients face is creating and upholding boundaries. When we have no boundaries in place for our time, other people, and ourselves, life becomes a free for all. Things don’t get done. Life feels out of control. We build up resentment. There are a few reasons that people fail to establish and uphold boundaries:
    Guilt/feelings of selfishness
    They don’t know how
    They don’t value themselves enough
    They don’t know how to say no The list could go on, but these are some of the most common ones that I see. But if you want to live your best life, boundaries are a critical component.
    I suggest boundaries ....

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