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Mark's Story

Before I signed up with Main Street Fitness personal training program, fitness was already a part of my lifestyle but not consistently.

My fitness background consisted of strength training, and while I was a police officer for 20 years, I trained with friends or was self-driven.

But I wasn’t achieving my goal.

The two things that held me back from achieving my goal were

1)   Fitness was not a priority, and I allowed life to get in the way

2)   Lacked accountability

I knew accountability worked for me because when I was able to train with friends it was easy to make it to the gym, but the workout still lacked focus.  

I finally decided to get serious about my health and fitness a couple years ago when a close friend of mine passed away.  This tragedy made me start to think about being healthy for longevity, my family, and I knew I needed to find a way to be consistent.  To achieve this goal, I needed to lose weight, improve my lifestyle, and to find a way to make me accountable.  

I first heard about Main Street Fitness through a Facebook ad, and after I checked them out, they seemed like a good fit for me since it appeared they were focused on personalized fitness, and a positive community.

Instead of continuing on the path that was making me frustrated, I decided to make a commitment.

Since staring, I’ve been more consistent with workouts.

My results since working with a trainer for the last year have been a boosted stamina, lost 20+ pounds, increased lean muscle mass, have more confidence, and feeling younger.

Now, I’m confident I can sustain a fitness program to achieve long-term results, because I can’t imagine not going to the gym.

If you’re on the fence about personal training, I encourage you to commit to working with a trainer, and allowing their creativity to take over to make it fun, and to push you to the next level of fitness.

- Mark

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