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At Main Street, we've never had anyone come into our gym and say, "I want to lose weight as slowly as possible."  The Isagenix 30-Day system has become our key ingredient in helping people get healthy, fast.  A good place to start is getting to know all the products you get inside the system.


When you choose a system, you have some product choices.

Chocolate or Vanilla or both?   The vanilla is smooth and creamy, the chocolate is rich and decadent.  Choose your preference based on what you enjoy most but we like to tell people starting out, "variety is always nice." Most balanced protein meal replacements on the market have up to 30% of the product dedicated to their flavor system.  Isagenix only uses 3% which means you get the maximum amount of good stuff.

Liquid or Powder?   "Cleanse For Life" is the component in the system that helps rid the body of toxins and flood it with maximum nutrients.  "Ionix Supreme" feeds your brain, relieves stress and helps your body recover faster from physical activity.  Both come in liquid or powder.  If you travel a lot and want convenience, we always tell people to choose the powder.  For everyone else, we recommend the liquid because it's incredibly simple and convenient.

When you're ready to order, here's what you need to know.

Ordering Options   You have 3 options when you place an order: become a Preferred Customer, an Associate, or pay full retail.  Almost no one pays full retail price because the savings is so significant when you become a Preferred Customer or Associate.  We recommend choosing Associate.  Why?  It's simple.  If you love your Isagenix transformation (most people do!) and you refer others to the products, you can make money.  Isagenix is a referral based-business and since the company pays the referral fee to somebody, it might as well be YOU.  That's why you're asked for a social security number when you become an Associate.  If you truly just want to use the products and nothing more, being a Preferred Customer is your best option and remember you can always change your status to Associate at any time.  

Auto-Ship.  What is it?   It's all about convenience.  When you do Isagenix, you're creating a healthy lifestyle.  For most people, this goes beyond their initial system purchase.  Auto-ship allows for convenient scheduled delivery of your products so you never miss a beat, and it allows you to save $20 when you enroll.  There is absolutely no obligation, you can cancel your auto-ship anytime after you order.

Placing Your Order    When you purchase a system on our ordering page, you are purchasing it direct from Isagenix... that means you will have your own account page on the Isagenix website once you've ordered.  You can use your new Isagenix account page to place futures orders, adjust your auto-ship date, keep track of the income you make from Isagenix if you're an Associate, as well as find out more info and stay in tune with all things Isagenix.

QUESTIONS?   If at any point we can answer any questions you may have, we here at Main Street are ready to assist you anytime.  Just call our Isagenix Hotline at 406-556-2200 or email  Our Frequently Asked Questions page is also full of helpful information.

We wish you great health, longevity, and we are rooting for your success!

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