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We now have 2 great ways to get Isagenix! Isagenix products are conveniently available at Main Street Fitness -or- you can enroll online now to SAVE! More information below!

Our Experience Makes A Difference

We combine Isagenix® and training for clients every day and we know how to get dramatic results. Whether your goal is weight loss or just feeling better than ever, we will get you in top form... faster!

The Best Coaching

We guide you through your Isagenix® transformation... for free!  We understand getting fit & healthy can be difficult.  We’re committed to your success and we work with you to achieve it.

We Teach You A Healthy Lifestyle

Getting fit and healthy isn’t just a 30 or 90-day deal. We show you how to have lasting, sustainable fitness for your entire life.  We don’t just sell products, we want you to always be your absolute best.

You can purchase products directly at the gym or signup and save at


Nutritional Cleansing

In the modern food universe, toxins exist everywhere.  Isagenix is not a colon cleanse or a diet, it helps rid your body of toxins naturally... you lose weight, feel healthier, perform better.

The Highest Quality Ingredients

Unlike a diet, Isagenix® floods your body with maximum nutrition. Some key ingredients: 70+ ionic trace minerals, the finest whey protein on the market, exclusive ionic alfalfa.

Completely Natural

There's nothing artificial in Isagenix® products: no caffeine, no stimulants, no high fructose corn syrup.  The Cleanse contains Aloe Vera with 200 active natural ingredients.  Safe & effective.

Isagenix = Results That WOW People

Many people lose more weight in 4 days with Isagenix than they have on any 30 day diet in their life.  No one wants to lose weight slowly. Isagenix is rapid & safe while providing maximum nutrition.

It Works Like This

For the first 2 days of a 9-Day or 30-Day Isagenix program, enjoy a shake for breakfast & dinner.  Lunch is a sensible 400-600 calorie meal. Lean protein and vegetables are always sensible!

Then 2 Cleanse Days

Drink 4 ounces of 'Cleanse For Life' 4 times daily & enjoy up to 6 Isagenix Snacks.  These days are much easier to do than most people can imagine.  We'll even coach you through your 4 days and beyond!  

We Recommend Starting with a 30-Day System

This is your best way to experience the benefits of Isagenix. Both our featured systems guarantee you results or you'll get a refund. The Pacesetter Pak comes with $104 in free products and a blender!

Ordering/Getting The Best Price

Become an Associate and get the lowest possible prices. Choose convenient scheduled delivery (auto-ship) and save another $20. There's never an obligation and you can cancel anytime.

Commit and Conquer Now!

We're in the business of helping people become their best.  You commit, we coach & assist, you succeed.  We've built our business on personal attention and success stories... please be our next!



The perfect intro to the full range of Isagenix products! Guaranteed results or your money back.

see the system

System Price


When you become an Associate. Includes $104 in free products


Avg. weight loss using this System is 15 pounds. Wow! We'll Coach you for Free! Click here to read the full Isagenix® Disclaimer.

see the system

System Price


When you become an Associate.
Full Retail Price $385

*Disclaimer: Weight-loss results may vary. In a recent study, participants averaged a weight loss of 7 pounds at the completion of their first Isagenix® 9 Day Program. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.


Order as an Associate (there's no extra cost or obligation) and get Isagenix at the lowest possible prices.

Sign up & Save


Follow the steps below to complete your order. Or call our Isagenix hotline at 406-556-2200

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1. Click:

- Sign up & Save above

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2. Choose:

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3. Select Account:

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choose autoship & save more.

4. Next:

 - Simply choose your system and order!

 - The 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning system is featured... or browse the product catalog for many great choices.

Associate or Preferred Customer? How to choose...

Best Choice: Associate. Get the lowest possible prices & the opportunity to make income by introducing friends to Isagenix®.
(as an Associate, you have no obligation to make referrals but you'll still benefit by getting the lowest possible prices).
Or choose Preferred Customer (products only account).  Benefit from great Isagenix® Products and still get lower prices than retail.

Associate/Preferred Customer Options:

Get convenient scheduled delivery & best price on the products you love during your Isagenix® Transformation by choosing auto-ship.
$29 annual membership fee with auto-ship. Cancel it anytime at no cost. (most people choose this option)
$39 annual membership fee without auto-ship.
No membership fee on full retail orders.

     Click here or on the BUY NOW button above to place an order at the full retail price

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