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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - A Rant: What is a coach?

    A Rant: What is a coach?

    There’s something I need to get off my chest. In the world of internet marketing it seems the meaning of the term “coach” has turned into the OPPOSITE of the reason I got into coaching in the first place. This is a bit of a rant so be prepared… It seems that nowadays you can take a quick course online or sign up to be a distributor for certain products, and you are then slapped with the prestigious title of COACH. And here’s why I am NOT ok with that… To me, coaching implies a deep understanding of the subject matter in which you coach. It implies education, experience, and a significant investment of time and money when it comes to ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - The marathon

    The marathon

    Here at Main Street Fitness we specialize in teaching people how they can achieve fitness as a lifestyle, which requires an individual to develop the proper mindset to achieve this. Read on to learn what that mindset looks like.... When we decide we want something big in life – a body transformation, to compete in an athletic event, to start a business, etc., we often WANT IT NOW. Frequently here at Main Street Fitnesswe have to remind clients that health and fitness, like anything important and worthwhile in life, are a marathon effort, not a sprint or a race. Patience, persistence, and perseverance will get you everywhere when approaching big life changes or goals. ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - What drives you?

    What drives you?

    Motivation is one of the most common objections I hear around why people don’t achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. There are 4 types of motivation:

    1. Fear-based motivation
    – this is where you take action because you’re afraid for whatever reason of what might happen if you don’t. This type of motivation disappears when one of two things happens: 1. You do what it takes to alleviate the fear 2. You rationalize the fear, accept the outcome, and are no longer afraid In either instance, you stop taking action, motivation disappears, and the cycle will repeat. 2. Obligation-based motivation
    – you’re ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - I love change!!...Said no one ever.

    I love change!!...Said no one ever.

    You want results. That extra 15, 25, or even 50 pounds should have been gone…like…yesterday, right? You want to be pain-free but getting off the couch or out of the desk chair seems near impossible? We all want a better body, to be healthier, to live longer. But we don’t want to put in the work to get there. Even worse, CHANGE IS SCARY! People are truly terrified of change and of the unknown. In order to lose weight, manage pain, get stronger, perform better and alter your body/health in whatever way aligns with your goals, change must happen
    . And if you’re not mentally ready for it, it’s not the time to try to change. You have to be very ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - 80/20 Rule

    80/20 Rule

    Our goal here at Main Street Fitness isto teach you to live and eat in a way that is sustainable long-term. No yo-yo diets or quick fixes here! As you know, we run nutrition based challenges throughout the year that really require you to step up your nutritional compliance, but for the most part, we encourage you to follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you’re eating on plan foods – protein, vegetables, fruits, good fats, and some good fibrous carbs. The other 20% you get to do as you please. Now, don’t gorge yourself. A 20% meal doesn’t mean eating an entire pizza. It does mean enjoying the foods you love but with more consciousness. Ever eaten some cookies ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - Abs classes will never get you abs

    Abs classes will never get you abs

    I am asked all of the time how people can get better, flatter, and more visible abs. It’s the #1 area people want to improve. Go into any gym and you’ll see thousands of crunches, situps, ab machine whatevers, and so on. Do those people have visible abs? Usually not. Abs classes are prevalent in almost any commercial gym, and members flock in search of the six pack that will never be. You see, getting abs comes from OVERALL reduction in body fat. You already have abs - you just need to lose the fat on top of them to see them! While fun, abs classes are a matter how much it burns. So then how do you get great abs? Here are the secrets: 1) Nutrition first
    . ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - A 4 step process for REAL change

    A 4 step process for REAL change

    Having worked in the fitness industry for 10years, I’ve met a lot of people who say they want to change. They’re unhappy with their bodies, their performance, their feelings of being out of control, or maybe they’re even in physical pain. But as you might guess, change is HARD. Without getting too scientific, all 3 major areas of your brain were designed to prevent change, discomfort, and walking into the unknown. Your protective human brain is doing its job, but you’re not getting what you want because of the stories it’s telling you and your subconscious acceptance of them. Which of these stories/excuses resonates with you?:
    “I don’t have ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - Gary's Testimony

    Gary's Testimony

    Before starting a program with a personal trainer, I worked on my fitness doing walking, and used some weight machines. During my busy career, my primary issue that held me back was time, which caused me to be inconsistent.I struggled making fitness a priority. In the back of my mind I knew I needed to do better on my fitness.I watched my dad struggle with severe shoulder arthritis, weakness, and these issues caused a lot of pain to him.I didn’t want to go through that. Knowing what happened to my dad helped me make a decision to get serious about my fitness.Interestingly enough, my shoulder started to have similar symptoms that my father struggled with, and that’s ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - Life is a snowball

    Life is a snowball

    The choices you make throughout the day every day ultimately create a snowball effect in your life. The little things that may seem insignificant in the moment eventually add up to a massively successful life or a life of disappointment. Today I want to make you aware of those tiny yet indescribably important choices...because they are CHOICES. If you choose to skip a workout for a day, is it a big deal? No – of course not! But what happens when you make that choice repeatedly? Maybe it starts over the course of a week, then before you know it, it’s been a month, a quarter, a year... And on top of that, your eating habits have congruently fallen by ....

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  • Personal Training in Bozeman - Main Street Fitness - How getting fit expands your mind

    How getting fit expands your mind

    When you start a program to get healthy and fit, develop better habits, get out of pain, or whatever the case may be, one thing you probably don’t expect is how your mind transforms. Health and fitness can be very elusive, multi-failure, hard to reach topics for the majority of people. You may have even thought at one point that it’s just not possible for YOU to achieve your goals, especially when under the influence of prior failures. My first piece of advice is just take the first step. Then the next step and then the next. If you keep taking a step forward, you eventually arrive at your destination. It’s simple when you look at it like that, isn’t it? ....

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